Thursday 15th October

At Work – There was a cockroach next door. The female employee inside went to ask for help. Another female member of staff came to check on the situation and left again. She returned with a male employee, who was carrying a can of insecticide (the way any woman could) and triumphantly exclaimed: “We have a man!”

Wednesday 14th October

At Work – I got told by a white, cis-gender man that I am ‘exaggerating’ with regards to my reactions to getting sexually harassed at work yesterday. He said many women take it as a compliment and I should just ‘ignore it and get over it because it happens all the time everywhere anyway. It’s nothing serious’.

Tuesday 13th October

At Work – I got leered at, hissed at, hollaed at, whistled loudly at as I tried to get to where I needed to go. Later on, as I was walking to lunch/dinner, one man whispered ‘Hawn Lily’ in my ear. When I reacted and asked him what he said and why he addressed me, he acted offended and pretended he hadn’t told me anything.

Sunday 11th October

At a work place, a strange man touched my bum repeatedly and I shooed him off each time. Afterwards, I asked him what his problem was and he said he wanted to move the fabric of the item I was wearing out of the way because he was afraid I’d trip in it.